Artist Statement

Painting is like a dance for me. I feel that I am a partner with the paint and the canvas. It is a physical act of rhythm, texture, surface and subsurface, always moving, always in flux.

I enjoy the process of discovering negative and positive spaces by using painters tape to mask off areas, or by scratching deeper into the paint to reveal hidden surfaces, much like looking through ice on a frozen lake.

My influences include Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell, Howard Hodgkin, and Cy Twombly to name just a few.

Essentially, I want the paint itself to direct the work organically. I have always held that the paint and sand should do the painting, and I should step aside.

As an art student in New York City and after several trips to Africa and Asia, I was fascinated with peeling paint, sidewalks and adobe walls. I revisit this today by throwing sand and mixed media into my work. I want to allow the textures and colors to resonate off of one another without my interference as well.The irony and contradiction that I discover in this process is deeply gratifying.

I started painting in 2015 after a decades long hiatus focused on family and careers as a book cover designer, gallery assistant and art teacher. I have now returned full circle to my fascination with the creative expression of painting and dance.

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